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April Membership Meeting “Medicare for All” Wednesday, April 24 6:30 PM April Location – Colfax Library

Join us on the 2nd floor of the Colfax Public Library for a meeting of the Dunn County Democrats. All are welcome. Visit the event on Facebook,
share with your friends and invite them to attend. (Colfax Village Public
Library, 613 Main St, Colfax WI)  
Our special guest will be Dawn Garcia who will present on “Medicare for All.” Dawn M. Garcia (MBA, MS, RN, CMQ-OE) is a business and healthcare leader with over 30 years’ experience in clinical care services, senior
leadership, education, and organizational development roles. Dawn’s
presentation will explore “Medicare for All” and how it can address
today’s healthcare challenges. She will discuss the legislation​ currently
being proposed in Congress by Representative Jayapal and
Senator Sanders. She will also give suggestions about how members of
the Dunn County Democrats can talk about universal health care with
those in our community who may be skeptical.  
Read the minutes from our March membership meeting.

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