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Help elect Judge Lisa Neubauer to the Wisconsin Supreme Court April 2nd!

Vote April 2nd

Judge Lisa Neubauer and Judge Brian Hagedorn are running for
Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice. The April 2nd election will be crucial.  
How so? We’ve witnessed an erosion of voting rights in Wisconsin.
What’s more, we’re the most heavily gerrymandered state in the

If we want to ensure voters choose their elected officials and not the
other way around, we absolutely must win this election. If we do that
and we flip a Supreme Court seat in 2020—we’ll have shifted the court
from conservative to liberal just in time for the new district maps to be
How the candidates stack-up  
Judge Lisa Neubauer State appeals court judge for 10 years.
Served as Chief Judge of the Wisconsin Court of Appeals, the highest ranking jurist not on the Supreme Court, since 2015.
Supported by 98% of endorsing judges—judges who’ve been appointed
by both Republicans and Democrats.
Served as a Big Sister for Greater Racine.
“We need to keep our courts and justice system fair, impartial, and independent to protect the rights of all Wisconsinites.” – Judge Neubauer

Judge Brian Hagedorn State appeals court judge for 3 years.
Served as legal advisor to Governor Scott Walker
Played a role in drafting Act 10 legislation that stripped public sector unions of their collective bargaining rights.
Adopted a strong stance against marriage equality, even likening
same-sex marriage to bestiality.
Favored taking away the Affordable Care Act’s protections for
pre-existing conditions.
“We should be ‘dismantling the public education system as we know it’ in
favor of more corporate involvement in education.” – Judge Hagedorn

What can you do to help?  
Be sure to vote for Judge Neubauer on Tuesday, April 2nd.
Forward this link to your Wisconsin family and friends and get their
commitment to vote for Judge Neubauer on April 2nd.
If you have questions about where you vote, visit


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