“Trump voters proved they were more willing to let a con man break the country than share it with the rest of us. The failure of Democrats wasn’t that they didn’t coddle white working-class people enough; it was that they failed to explain how unless you are wealthy, white and connected like Trump, you will fall like every other person he’s screwed over throughout his career. That a multicultural coalition rooted in economic plurality for all benefits everyone most.”




Read more at:  https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/nov/22/bernie-sanders-identity-politics-class-race-debate?CMP=share_btn_fb#comment-88028499




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  1. Unless we all realize that class is the most important factor in oppression by the 1%, we will not unite. We need to join with a common agenda. Defining ourselves by race only serves to separate. That is what the 1% want…our division. Easier for them to continue on the current path. We must come to realize that we all, all of us in the 99%, have more in common than not.

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