Our opponents may move to restrict the powers of the Governor’s office



Our opponents in the Wisconsin State Legislature have discussed limiting the powers of our newly elected governor, Tony Evers—before he even takes office.

These are the same powers this opposition-controlled legislature expanded when Republican, Scott Walker occupied the governor’s mansion. 

Like gerrymandering and our Voter ID law, this is another crystal clear attempt by our opponents to subvert the will of the people—and it’s making national news. 

Make your voice heard:

Find your State Representative and contact him by Monday evening. 

Tell him you expect that your vote has been heard and that Governor-elect Evers will be afforded the very same powers granted to Governor Walker in 2011. 

District 28

State Representative Adam Jarchow

p. (608) 267-2365

e. Rep.Jarchow@legis.wi.gov 

District 29

State Representative Rob Stafsholt

p. (608) 266-7683

e. Rep.Stafsholt@legis.wisconsin.gov 

District 30

State Representative Shannon Zimmerman

p. (608) 266-1526

e. Rep.Zimmerman@legis.wisconsin.gov

 District 75

State Representative Romaine Quinn

p. (608) 266-2519

e. Rep.Quinn@legis.wisconsin.gov

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