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Republicans in Madison try to rig future elections after midterm losses

Town Officials:

For those of you that follow state politics, you know the legislature is planning to hold a lame duck session in December. Late last week several media outlets reported that the legislature is considering creating a third spring election in March as part of their lame duck session agenda. The March election would be for the Presidential Preference Primary, separating this from the April general election. Links to two of the many articles are noted below. You can find more by searching the internet.

According the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Article, the April 2016 election cost about $6.8 million, an amount that one would expect to be repeated in a March election. Regardless of the political motives or lack thereof that the parties and media have focused on, having a third spring election is an unfunded mandate both financially and also on town clerks and election workers.

Please consider contacting your legislators to let them know your thoughts on creating a third spring election.

Wisconsin Towns Association
W7686 County Road MMM, Shawano, WI 54166

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