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The People’s Budget

This week, Gov. Evers released his 2019-2021 budget proposal. This is a budget that was made by the people and for the people. It’s not a Democratic budget or a Republican budget — it’s the People’s budget.

Republicans have been talking about writing their own budget to undermine the Governor. It’s high time Republicans stopped putting politics over people and worked with Gov. Evers to pass the budget Wisconsinites
voted for.  
Here’s just a sample of the many ways Gov. Evers is investing in
Wisconsinites’ futures:
Medicaid Expansion:
Gov. Evers promised during his campaign to accept federal money to cover more Wisconsinites, and that’s just what he’s proposing in this
budget. Expanding BadgerCare to cover 82,000 additional Wisconsinites will increase health care coverage and lower costs across the state.

Higher Education:
Investing in our higher education systems is crucial for fostering a strong Wisconsin economy. Gov. Evers, with his background in
education, is putting funding Republicans have previously taken out back into our UW and technical college systems. Gov. Evers has proposed an additional $150 million into the UW systems and $18 million into our
technical college system. 

Middle-Class Tax Cut:
Governor Evers and Democrats in the Legislature are committed to putting people first by cutting taxes for Wisconsin’s hardworking
families. Governor Evers’ plan gives a break to hardworking families by rolling back a Republican tax giveaway to millionaires. Wisconsin’s
working families, small business owners, and family farmers deserve
Gov. Evers’ sustainable solution for tax relief.
The Year of Clean Drinking Water and Beyond:
No family should have to worry whether or not their drinking water is
safe. Gov. Evers wants to invest $70 million to combat the water pollution and lead pipes contaminating Wisconsin’s drinking water. By replacing
lead pipes, funding research into water contamination, and increasing
dental care access for low-income Wisconsinites, Gov. Evers is investing
in our health now and in the future.

Legalizing Medical Marijuana and Decriminalization:
Gov. Evers is a cancer survivor, so he knows first-hand the hardships
patients with chronic pain and other medical conditions go through to
attain affordable, accessible, and needed care. By legalizing medical
marijuana, we will be able to actually help patients with AIDS,
Alzheimer’s, cancer, and other debilitating medical conditions by
granting access to a form of medication used across the country.

Additionally, Gov. Evers plans to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana, an important step in remedying the racial and economic disparities our state faces.
Non-partisan Redistricting:
Within his new proposal, Gov. Evers will take redistricting out of
politician’s hands, and into the hands of a nonpartisan commission. And
this is what Wisconsinites want! A large majority, 72% of voters say they prefer redistricting to be done this way. Our state has been
gerrymandered to favor Republicans for far too long, it is time for
transparency and redrawing of our maps.

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