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Toxic Tom Tiffany

What do you call a state Senator who’s a shill for mining and chemical companies?

Toxic Tom.
The infamously unelectable Toxic Tom Tiffany announced his bid for the 7th congressional district this week, and we made sure everyone knew just how wrong he is for Wisconsin.

We launched and accompanying digital ads to highlight his record of writing legislation for polluters, slashing health care for seniors, and raising taxes on the middle-class to give wealthy corporations huge tax breaks.
We know Republicans love gerrymandering, but it’s hard to gerrymander your way out of a record like that. They couldn’t find a candidate more unelectable if they tried.

The special election for this seat (the date of which will be announced later this month) is going to be an uphill battle. But with someone like Tom Tiffany as the Republican front runner, we stand a better chance at making gains in this very red district.

And we have the perfect opportunity for you to get involved.

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