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Vote on February 20 in the Spring Primary: Supreme Court and School Board elections

Supreme Court

Two Democrats are running in this nonpartisan primary race to serve on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Rebecca Dallet a Milwaukee District Judge and Tim Burns, an attorney from Madison. Dallet is running on her 10 years of service on the court and Burns is stressing his commitment to progressive values.

Learn  more about them at:

Tim Burns

Rebecca Dallet

School Board

Menomonie has several candidates running to serve on the school board which has been plagued by attacks individuals and groups who are bent on limiting education and programs that encourage diversity and tolerance. This is a very important election for citizens of Menomonie and all the students attending district schools. The race is nonpartisan, but several candidates have step up to address fundamental issues of quality education, respect, and fairness for all students.

These candidates have come forward and demonstrated values that will contribute to building a strong and welcoming educational community in Menomonie:

Chris Freeman

Shanya Lund

Jim Swanson

Patricia (Tricia) Thompson




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