Wisconsin Supreme Court

The Wisconsin Supreme Court election is non-partisan. The Court makes important decisions that impact voter rights, the integrity of elections, the strength of environmental protections, and many other important statewide issues.

In the February 18 election, sitting Supreme Court Justice Kelly received 50% of votes, Karofsky about 37%, and Fallone about 13%. Kelly and Karofsky will advance to the non-partisan election on April 7th. 

Ed Fallone

Ed Fallone is a constitutional law scholar with over 27 years of legal experience in Wisconsin. He will be the first Latino to serve on our state’s highest court. Ed is running to preserve the independence of the judiciary and defend our rights to equal treatment under the law and self governance.

Jill Karofsky

Jill Karofsky is an advocate for victims and the rights of all Wisconsin residents. She previously served as executive director of the Wisconsin Office of Crime Victim Services, is currently on the Wisconsin Judicial Education Committee, and chairs the Violence Against Women STOP Grant committee.

Menomonie Area School Board Candidates

Vote for three candidates on February 18, 2020.

Daniel Paulson


Amy Riddle-Swanson


Sandy White


Elmwood Area School Board Candidates

Vote for two candidates on February 18, 2020.

Patrick Geraets


Brook Glaus


Bernard Christman


Tony Steinmeyer


Andrew Zierl