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Wisconsin Supreme Court Candidates Scorecard from the ACLU

Wisconsin Supreme Court Candidates Scorecard

Candidate Voting rights Reproductive freedom Criminal justice reform
Tim Burns
  • Courts should prevent unfair gerrymandering of election districts
  • Opposes 2011 Voter ID law
  • Pro-choice
  • Opposes mass incarceration
  • Supports a pay increase for court-appointed public defenders
Rebecca Dallet
  • Has declined comment on 2011 Voter ID Law, but opposes partisan gerrymandering and says protect right to vote, not those in power
  • Pro-choice
  • Issued ruling permitting unjustified police stop and frisk
  • Rated by USA Today as one of the harshest sentencers for select felon offenses
Michael Screnock
  • Helped design current gerrymandered election districts
  • Anti-choice
  • States his arrest protesting outside an abortion clinic is “not something [he has] ever regretted doing.”
  • Exercised discretion to give man convicted of 1st degree murder the eventual opportunity for release on parole, suggesting that he merited a second chance

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