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The Dunn County Democratic Party is volunteer-run organization and we rely on volunteers, member dues, and individual donations to fuel all our activities. 

Congratulations to State Superintendent Jill Underly and Circuit Court Judge Christina Mayer!

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Electing Democratic candidates for local, state, and national office makes a big impact for small businesses and working families in Dunn County Wisconsin, and beyond.

Middle Class Economic Security

We believe in restoring the American middle class. People who work hard and play by the rules should get ahead and stay ahead. The system is not working for ordinary Americans who work long hours for low wages, while new income and wealth goes to the top one percent. Democrats believe that the current minimum wage must be increased to a living wage. No one who works full time should have to raise a family in poverty.

Creating New High-paying Jobs

Our priority is creating good-paying jobs for middle-class workers—nurses, construction workers, teachers, and small business owners. That is why Democrats are committed to building a full-employment economy, we believe everyone should have a job that pays enough to raise a family and live with dignity and purpose. We understand the vital importance of small businesses as engines of opportunity and the bedrock of local economies.

Climate Change & Clean Energy

Climate change is both an urgent threat and a defining challenge. While Donald Trump has called climate change a “hoax,” 2020 is breaking global temperature records. Farmers struggle to manage unpredictable weather, both floods and droughts. California and the Western US suffer drought and are scorched by wildfire. We do not want to leave our children a planet that has been profoundly damaged by climate change.

High-Quality Education For all

Democrats believe that every child should have access to a high-quality education. We support high-quality, universal preschool programs to help kids get a strong educational start. Democrats combat racial and socio-economic disparities in educational outcomes. We believe every student should have access to a debt-free college education, and working families should attend public colleges and universities tuition-free. 


Democrats are committed to standing up to racism in our laws, culture, politics, and society. We recognize that race-neutral policies are insufficient and we take a comprehensive approach to promote racial justice in employment, criminal justice reform, environmental justice, and voting rights. We believe Black lives matter, and will fight to change racially discriminatory policies and promote racial healing.


Democrats believe in access to secure, affordable, high-quality health insurance for all Americans — we believe health care is a right, not a privilege. Republicans downplayed the threat of coronavirus and left our frontline health care heroes without the equipment they need. We will work to ensure Americans’ access to doctor visits, prescription medicines, and preventive testing through universal health care.

Why vote for Democrats in 2020?

From Wisconsin Members of the Democratic Party

This is Laurel, an artist, an author of a children’s book, and a mom. Laurel was not especially interested in politics but she has recently gotten involved. She is inspired by her daughter’s interest in politics, and also because of the urgency she’s feeling about what kind of world her kids will grow up in.


Menomonie, Wisconsin

This is Elizabeth. She is the chair of the Dunn County Democrats and believes in the power of community building. She is a nurse and cares about making sure all people have easy access to affordable health care. She works to build connections with others and create organizations that are resilient and just.


Menomonie, Wisconsin

This is Pete. His work supports family farms by helping them be profitable while building healthy soil and cleaning up our rivers. He’s the son of a small-town business owner and a nurse, so he understands local service. He helps local candidates run successful campaigns that resonate with rural voters.


Menomonie, Wisconsin

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