Dunn County Democratic Party Foundations Group December 12, 2016



Please consider the following as a basis to begin our work.


There seem to be two tasks for the “Foundations Group, to give the Dunn County Democratic Party a general mission or vision and a list of actions necessary to create a viable, healthy organization that can confront the challenges confronting us.  The vision or mission statement has basically been created by the Wisconsin State Democratic Party in their Preamble to the Constitution of the Party.  Following is a “action” list which was assembled based upon the outline that Bill provided.  The list will grow and change as time and circumstances present themselves.  The things in this list are tasks that need to be accomplish by the organization within the next 3 to 6 months.



Actions to be taken:


  1. Establish a permanent office which will serve as a contact place and have all records.
  2. Recover or establish a database of voters and Democratic Members.
  3. Maintain an up to date website with information on our activities and as a possible forum for discussion.
  4. Keep a files of Dunn County Democrats’ activities and pertinent information to include:

Logging member activities, requests and questions.


Activities during a campaign

Poster/signage log

Editorial history and educational materials on issues, opinions, etc.

  1. Establish communications and relationships with other County Democratic Party offices in the 3rd Congressional District and the State Democratic Office, and National Democratic party.
  2. Establish Youth Leadership groups and be a regular visitor to county High Schools speaking to civics classes about partisan and nonpartisan issues.
  3. Establish a relationship with UW-Stout and CVTC students interested in civic leadership, social justice, economic justice, economic development and environmental causes.
  4. Establish and conduct listening sessions with voters in county townships and community organizations.
  5. Seek funding from state and DNC for projects and activities to support voter identification, relevant issues and public relations and voter education.
  6. Grow the active membership of the Dunn County Democratic party to 120 members. (a number that is ambitious but ….)
  7. Collaborate and support community groups in areas of social justice, environmental advocacy, economic justice and community building.


Emily’s List

WI Emergent

“Silent Support”

  1. Identify ways to support small businesses, farmers and workers in the county to build a thriving, just and caring communities.


Interesting Article–Bernie’s Economics vs. Identity Politics? What Do You Think?

“Trump voters proved they were more willing to let a con man break the country than share it with the rest of us. The failure of Democrats wasn’t that they didn’t coddle white working-class people enough; it was that they failed to explain how unless you are wealthy, white and connected like Trump, you will fall like every other person he’s screwed over throughout his career. That a multicultural coalition rooted in economic plurality for all benefits everyone most.”




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Interesting Article–What Do You Think?

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