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Do you want to be a Dunn County delegate at the 3rd Congressional District Conference this year?

Any current (dues-paid) member of the Dunn County Democrats can sign up to be a delegate to the 3rd Congressional District Convention on April 30 in Black River Falls. Sign up by clicking the button below and we’ll follow up!

Upcoming Events!

Don’t miss our monthly membership meeting the fourth Wednesday of each month! Learn more on our events page!

Canvass Door-to-Door!

Join us to get out the vote! Canvass on Saturdays at noon in Menomonie support progressive candidates.

WisDems Phone Banks!

Join WisDems to phone bank on weekends for progressive candidates! Saturdays and Sundays.

Phone Bank for Barnes!

Join People’s Action to deep canvass for Mandela Barnes! Wednesdays and Sundays.

Visit the DCD Office!

The Dunn County Democrats have a new office space in downtown Menomonie. The office is located at 630 Broadway Street, Suite 1, next door to Marion’s Legacy. Call us at 715-309-2622.

Office hours: Monday-Friday 11-5, Saturday 9-3

Join us for Weekends of Action in September and October – leading up to the November 8 election! We will be knocking on doors and making phone calls this summer and fall to support democratic candidates, fundraise, and help get out the vote. We need your to help – when people vote, Democrats win!

Sign up for a volunteer shift here — they’re easy and fun!

We’re excited for Mandela Barnes (Senate) and Brad Pfaff (House) to be our candidates for Congress!

We’re also all in for our state candidates, including Governor Tony Evers and Sarah Rodriguez (Lt Governor), Josh Kaul (Attorney General), Doug La Follette (Secretary of State), Aaron Richardson (State Treasurer), Dan Hardy (write in for WI Senate 23), Jeff Smith (WI Senate 31), Danielle Johnson (WI Assembly 29), Jason Bennett (WI Assembly 67) and Alison Page (WI Assembly 93)!

Thank you to our local candidates, organizers, volunteers and poll workers. Your amazing efforts will make a big impact in our community!

Upholding Progressive Principles

Unity with the Community

We are dedicated to upholding progressive principles and improving the lives of all people in Dunn County. The Dunn County Democratic Party is a locally-controlled volunteer-run organization. We rely on volunteer time, membership dues and individual donations to help us serve the community.

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Dunn County Volunteer

Sign up to volunteer today!

We are looking for volunteers to help up promote the Dunn County Democrats, organize events, and reach out to voters in our community.

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Why vote for Democrats?


Laurel is an artist, author of a children’s book, and a mom. Laurel was not especially interested in politics but she has recently gotten involved. She is inspired by her daughter’s interest in politics, and also because of the urgency she’s feeling about what kind of world her kids will grow up in.

Andy is a farmer and educator. He leads annual trips to Central America with a farming non-profit and has seen first-hand the impacts of climate change. He is dedicated to making a difference through teaching, storytelling, and showing up to make a difference in our community.

Elizabeth is the chair of the Dunn County Democrats and believes in the power of community building. She isa nurse and cares about making sure all people have easy access to affordable health care. She works to build connections with others and create organizations that are resilient and just.