Interesting Article–Bernie’s Economics vs. Identity Politics? What Do You Think?

“Trump voters proved they were more willing to let a con man break the country than share it with the rest of us. The failure of Democrats wasn’t that they didn’t coddle white working-class people enough; it was that they failed to explain how unless you are wealthy, white and connected like Trump, you will fall like every other person he’s screwed over throughout his career. That a multicultural coalition rooted in economic plurality for all benefits everyone most.”




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Interesting Article–What Do You Think?

“Are rural, Christian, white Americans scared? You’re damn right they are. Are their fears rational and justified? Hell no. The problem isn’t understanding their fears. The problem is how to assuage fears based on lies in closed-off fundamentalist belief systems that don’t have the necessary tools for properly evaluating the fears.”


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Meeting of Interest

Time to get active. 
Many people after the election are looking for where to get involved. 
Let’s meet to share ideas and brainstorm on how to make a difference. All ideas welcome. 

Menomonie Public Library Meeting Room
Tuesday November 29th, 7-8:45

Some possibilities:
Connect and support for the foreign students and multicultural students at Stout.
Get involved with water and environmental issues 
Support for the foreign workers (many undocumented) that are being targeted and may face deportation.
Increase support the Bridge and Stepping Stones.
I’m envisioning this as a beginning meeting where we can name specific issues and people can pick their focus and move ahead supported with this community of caring people.
If you can’t make this meeting and want to get involved just let us know!

This has been sent to the Red Cedar Peace Initiative list serve but I don’t know how complete this list is.
IF there are people that want to join this list email me their names.