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Upholding Progressive Principles, Electing Progressive CandidatES

The Dunn County Democratic Party is a group of volunteers dedicated to making a difference in our community.

We support Democratic candidates, raise awareness about important issues, and advocate for voting rights and fair elections in Dunn County and beyond.

We rely on member dues and individual donations to fund our activities. Everyone is welcome to participate.

Join us in making a difference…

Dunn County Democrats monthly membership meetings are held on the fourth Wednesday of every month via Zoom and/or in-person. Everyone is welcome!

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Learn about upcoming speakers and events on the events page. You can also e-mail us at to get more information about the monthly meetings.

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Our priority is creating good-paying jobs for middle-class workers — nurses, construction workers, teachers, and small business owners. That is why Democrats are committed to building a full-employment economy. We believe everyone should have a stable job that pays enough to raise a family and live with dignity and purpose. We recognize small businesses as engines of opportunity and the bedrock of local economies.


Dunn County has a long and living legacy of family farms. Our dairies, ranches, farms and supporting businesses play a critical role in feeding and supporting our county, state, and country. Those growing food and producing other agricultural products deserve our respect and support as they navigate changing economic and environmental realities. Our farmers are our stewards of our shared natural resources and rural economies, so we want to ensure farming is a part of our future!


Wisconsin is home to some of the most spectacular forests, rivers, and lakes. Our culture of hunting, fishing, camping, and outdoor sports is a testament to the natural beauty of our home. But we have to care for our shared air, land, water, and habitats through thoughtful and multi-generational stewardship. This commitment is challenged by the realities of climate change, which is already impacting our farmers and rural economies. We must come together to clean up our rivers and lakes, rebuild our ecosystems, and invest in the clean energy future that will help us proactively respond to climate change. The next generation is depending on us!


Democrats believe in access to secure, affordable, high-quality health insurance for all Americans — we believe healthcare is a right, not a privilege. All people deserve access to healthcare that will not only improve their quality of life, but will also spare them excessive medical bills. Our doctors, nurses, first responders, care providers, and other medical professionals deserve to be well-protected and supported as they care for our community. We support mental health and addiction treatment services in every Dunn County community so that all people can live healthy, happy lives. We will work to ensure Americans’ access to doctor visits, prescription medicines, and preventive testing — through universal health care.


The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted what many Dunn County residents already knew — access to affordable, reliable broadband internet is critical for staying in touch with today’s digital society. High-speed internet helps students learn, businesses compete, and families stay connected. However, large portions of our county do not have the option to access rural broadband and end up paying high prices for poor services. Major investments in our information infrastructure are needed as soon as possible. We will fight to get all Dunn County residents connected so our community can grow and thrive!


Dunn County has a long Democrats believe that every child should have access to a high-quality education from teachers and education professionals who are well supported and retained. We support high-quality, universal preschool programs to help kids get a strong educational start. Democrats combat racial and socio-economic disparities in educational outcomes. We believe every student and working person should have access to a college or technical education without the burden of repaying life-long debt. Knowledge is the future of Dunn County and we’re committed to building a diverse, creative community to fuel thriving economies and cultures!


Democrats are committed to standing up to those who discriminate based on race, religion, gender, age, ability, gender identity, sexual orientation, or nationality. All people are created equal and deserve protection from fear, intimidation, and mistreatment. Our county, state, and country thrive because of our diversity of backgrounds and ideas. We are committed to challenging discrimination and structural racism in our laws, culture, politics, and society. We take a comprehensive approach to promote justice in employment, criminal justice reform, environmental justice, and voting rights. All people are welcome!


Participation is at the heart of our democracy and our elections should be fair, transparent, and respected as one of our most sacred institutions. This begins with drawing fair district maps that reflect communities, not partisan ambitions. It extends to offering safe, accessible voting options for all people and peaceful transfers of power. We may not agree on some issues, but we all come together to celebrate our democracy by voting.

Board of Directors

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Constitution & Bylaws

Check out the Dunn County Democrats Constitution and Bylaws to learn what our organization is all about.



Join us in organizing to support progressive policies and candidates!

To volunteer, or join a committee please fill out the volunteer form.

Event planning and community outreach to promote the DCD, including the Dunn County Fair, and events to support candidates

Managing the Dunn County Democrats website, social media accounts, email newsletter, branding, photos, video, publications, signs, and promotion

Planning events to raise funds beyond general membership including special campaigns like funding for our office, signs, campaigns, and supporting other party activities

Promoting member retention, attracting new members to the Dunn County Democrats, and helping new and long time members engage more meaningfully with our organization

Deep canvassing trainings, storytelling, participating in phone banks and door-to-door canvassing , organizing to help get out the vote